The DiOP Cadet75 is by far the most versatile handheld thermal imager available. This unique thermal imager offers a low cost, lightweight and compact solution without giving up any of its unique performance features. The Cadet75 utilizes the latest in uncooled microbolometer technology in a full size 320 x 240, 51Ám pitch focal plane array. The sensor has demonstrated its full reliability by being fielded in over 3,000 DiOP cameras.

Through use of DiOP's proprietary optical design solution, which takes full advantage of DiOP’s manufacturing capabilities, maximum performance is guaranteed. DiOP’s thin film coating laboratory uses the latest thin film technology in both design and application, to provide the Cadet75 the best transmission performance possible. The on-board display utilizes the latest lens technology to give comfortable viewing for long periods of time.

Like no other thermal hand held imager, the Cadet75 offers an optional visible channel for recording of events for legal evidence, along with live audio. The Cadet75 has large camera features such as: 2x electronic zoom, the ability to be remotely controlled over an RS232 link, a 640 x 480 highlight display, and an optional on-board image capture capability. No longer do you need to carry battery chargers in your vehicle; the Cadet75 has a built-in battery charger. See the difference with the Cadet75 in action!!!

Standard Cadet 75 Kit (p/n 22884-600)

Optional Equipment/Software
System Specifications: Cadet 75
DiOP Part Number 22884
Video Format CCIR601 NTSC or PAL-M
Frame Rate 60 Hz STD
Serial Interface RS-232
Power Requirements 4-12V DC <4.5 watts typical @ steady state, 25°C
Alternate Power Yes
Environmentals IP66 standard,IP67 optional. -20°c to +50°c
Battery Compartment: IP67 Standard
Camera Controls (thermal only) Inverse Polarity, Focus, AGC on/off, 2x Electronic Zoom, Close Image Enhancement, optional Image Capture
Display KOPIN 640x480 Active Matrix with CyberLens 640, 32° field of view, 25mm eye relief
Viewing Light leak-proof eye-cup, with diopter adjustment
NEDT < 80mK
Mounting 1/4 -20 Tripod interface
Color standard: black
optional: green, sand
Microphone Sensivity -44dB
Output s/n 58dB, PreAmp Gain 10x
Type DiOP Smart Pack, 7.2V, 2200mah, Equivalent replacement Sony® NP550
Run Time 2.5-3 Hours
Charger Internal
Sensor Specifications:
Detector 320x240 VOx Uncooled Microbolometer FPA, 51µm pitch
Spectral Band 7-14µm
Detector MTBF >10,000 hours
Type 1/4 CCD, 512 x 492 pixels
Resolution 300 lines
Frames/second 30
Sensitivity 51x
Optical Characteristics:
Spectral Range 7-14µm
F-number 1
EFL 75mm
Field of View 12.5° x 9.5°
Type Motorized
Field of View Matches thermal channel within 1°

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