L & L Enterprises is proud to help make technology available to you to accomplish your mission.

We are proud to bring you the latest knives, flashlights, and other personal equipment from Gerber.

MUM-14 (5K) The Nivisys MUM-14® Multi-Use Monocular gives you a high performance 3rd generation night-vision system. The MUM-14 has the ability to be weapon mounted, head mounted, hand-held, camera adapted to C-Mount lenses and cameras and optional 3x/5x Afocal lenses. Also available is the dual-system head/helmet mount with many other options. Read more about the MUM-14 (Opens an Adobe Acrobat file).

Pick up the Nivisys TAM-14® Thermal Monocular TAM-14 (5K)and you have the smallest thermal viewer available today,attach the Helmet Mount adapter and now you are using a head mounted thermal monocular,or slide it onto the weapon mount.

It offers a high performing system at a low price. These system are complete self contained thermal units that only require 2 standard Lithium batteries to function. Uses same Head mount or Helmet mount as a standard PVS-7 goggle. Read more about the TAM-14 (Opens an Adobe Acrobat file).

web_X1-clipped_0 (2K)The Raytheon Thermal Eye X100xp is 'a great system and surprisingly affordable.' Read more about this thermal imagery system.

The Situation: The importance of providing protective systems to military personnel has become increasingly clear. The Facts: "90% of eye injuries are preventable." (The Army Vision Conservation and Readiness Program, Department of the Army's Pamphlet 40-506). The Solution: Sawfly™ by Revision Eyewearsawfly (3K)

The DIOP Cadet 75 hand held thermal imager.cadet75 (18K)

Clip on Weapon Sights from DIOP like the Night Augmented Day Sight, or the Thermal Augmented Day Sight bring the latest technology to your choice of several weapons platforms.

Frisk them and be safe. friskgunb (3K)

Steiner binoculars are designed for your special applications.

The NightHunter and NightHunter II Series from Xenonics helps you see the farthest.

No optics have proven themselves more reliable in peacetime or in war than Leupold. See how the Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T will help you canny out the mission. The Leupold Vari-X III 3.5-10x40mm Long Range M1 and Vari-X III 3.5-10x40mm Long Range M3 Long Range Tactical Scopes were designed specifically to meet the challenges of long range shooting.

The first time you use a Diafun, you will experience a whole new world of vision that only Zeiss quality can provide. See the Diafun 10x30 B MC or the Diafun 8x30 B MC for yourself.

The Zeiss Victory series represents their biggest binocular accomplishment in a quarter century. The 8x56 B T* P* Victory, 10x56 B T* P* Victory, and 12x56 B T* P* Victory all deliver a higher level of optical performance than you might think possible.

The Zeiss ClassiC series combines optimum performance with an extremely sturdy design. Proven and popular for many decades, they enjoy an excellent reputation. Neither the 15x60 B/GA T* ClassiC nor the 20x60 BS/GA T* models will let you down -- regardless of the weather, the lighting conditions or the time of day.

Nightline's lighweight monocular night vision systems have a wide range of features that enable non-traditional missions. Learn how the series M982 thru M985 will help you.

Absolutely close: Leica Televid spotting scopes. To be in close proximity to the subject and to experience it intensively – that is made possible by high performance LEICA TELEVID 62 and LEICA TELEVID 77 spotting scopes and their continuously adjustable 20x to 60x magnification.

Whatever you set your sights on the LEICA RANGEMASTER 900 scan, the LEICA RANGEMASTER 1200, LEICA GEOVID 8x42, or the LEICA GEOVID 10x42 scan laser rangefinders tell you exactly how far away you are from your target. They also feature an additional scan function, that furnishes constantly updated measurements when the release button is pressed down continuously. The scan function is especially useful with moving subjects and for use at great distances.

The response to Nightforce precision optics has been far reaching. The 3.5-15x50 NXS and 5.5-22x56 NXS were designed to meet the needs of law enforcement and military snipers and they immediately recognized that NXS exceeded industry standards for design and performance in the field and at the range.

Leica has succeeded in establishing an entirely new category : The line of Ultravid binoculars. Logically tailored to the intended use, every technical and ergonomic detail was painstakingly examined, perfected or completely reinvented. Learn about the LEICA ULTRAVID 8x 50 BR, ULTRAVID 10 x 50 BR, and the ULTRAVID 12 x 50 BR.

The LEICA DUOVID 8 + 12 x 42 and the new LEICA DUOVID 10 + 15 x 50 are the very first high-end binoculars with switchable magnification. They are built for the hardest use and they render brilliant images – at great distances as well as in critical, poor light situations. The respective lower magnification of each model provides a steady image and a large field of view with great depth of field. By switching to the respective higher magnification, you are then close to the action – with an outstanding imaging performance, even with the very smallest details.

Allow us to advise you. In the optics-adviser you will find a multitude of useful information that will help you both to choose the right instrument and also how to make the most of it.

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