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These are actual emails from military staff using the X100 'over there'.

Senior Chief Soule and PO2 Simon to review their data on Pocketscope "Quick Look " testing completed this week. Three separate groups tested the unit for about 21 days each (about 30 operators). One group transported the unit to the desert, another to the mountains (5-8K feet), and a third in urban environment. The unit was not placed in the water nor exposed to rain or snow. No destructive or environmental testing was performed. Temperatures varied from 45 -120 degrees F. Input from all personnel was favorable regarding general operation and one group found the unit to be superior to currently available night vision equipment. "It's about time we got something like this in this size." And 'A must for SPECWARFARE" were emblematic comments. Target acquisition occurred about ( base + 200 yards) in the open and observers could see personnel under cover (brush) at about (base - 350 yds). Activity could be detected inside operational buildings at extended ranges. Operators were pleased that the units detected personnel at temperatures below and above 98.6. They were not able to detect weapons with the unit unless the weapons had been fired and were warm in comparison to their surroundings. They tested the unit standing, kneeling, and lying prone with excellent and uniform results. Under obscure atmospheric conditions (fog) the units performed better than NVG equipment. Unit size permitted users to quickly extract it from their pockets and scan surrounding terrain. Batteries lasted between 2-3 hours allowing extended patrol usage.

Note that the "MX-1" is the X100

"Not sure if I already sent you MX-1 Feedback so here it is. After soliciting present and past user's of the MX-1 handheld thermal device, it has been all positive. The other night the MP who's responsible for securing CJTF-7 used the X-1 and loved the difference the system made. They have also put in an additional request for 20 systems. All the users love The fact that it uses AA batteries, hand held and durable enough to be dropped and still be operational."

"They understand the target acquisition limitations of the system but it is being used primarily to improve TCP/FOB observation security. The ULTWS will fill the gap with improved target acquisition but there is still a need for the CSS/CS and FOB security elements to have hand held thermal capability."

"I've personally used one over here and the feedback is pretty good for static security (towers, gates, etc). Feedback is less positive for patrolling but not sure what the original intent was for this system. We really like the size, weight, and simplicity of use. Also really enjoy the AA batteries, inexpensive and readily available. It also appears to be really rugged. Bottom line:[The pocketscope is a ]"big improvement over traditional NVBs for static security which is exactly what we needed." "We have tested one of your pocketscopes over here in Baghdad and in the words of one of my soldiers "its the bomb." Its a great system and surprisingly affordable. We appreciate what you and other contractors are doing for us as well."
Warmest Regards
Eric Arnold
Operations Officer

Read more detail about the X100 (opens an Acrobat document).

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