Vari-XIII_3.5-10x40LRM3_Mx2 (1K)

Special Features

Product Highlights
Incorporating the best features of the Mark 4 M3 and Vari-X III scopes, the Leupold Vari-X III 3.5-10x40mm Long Range M3 features M3-style adjustment dials that are specially calibrated and interchangeable for bullet drop compensation. Adjustment increments of 1 MOA elevation and ½ MOA windage allow for easy adjustment. A side parallax adjustment dial allows parallax elimination from a shooting position.

Product Specifications
Actual Magnification: 3.3(3.5x) 9.7(10x)
Length (in): 13.50
Eyepiece Length (in): 3.0
Objective Length (in): 4.30
Objective Diameter (in): 1.80
Eyepiece Diameter (in): 1.60
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Weight: 19.5 oz. / 553 grams
Eye Relief (in): 4.6(3.5x) 3.6(10x)
Eye Relief (mm): 117(3.5x) 91(10x)
Obj. Lens Diameter: 1.575in / 40mm
Max. Adjustment @ 100 yds (in): 65
Max. Adjustment @ 100 m (cm): 181
FOV @ 100 yds (ft): 29.5(3.5x) 10.7(10x)
FOV @ 100 m (m): 9.8(3.5x) 3.6(10x)

Ring Spacing
Max. Mount Ring Spacing (in): 6.20
Front Ring Space (in): 2.40
Rear Ring Space (in): 2.40

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