televid 77 apo 2_290x76 (2K) Leica APO Televid non-cemented, 3-element, apochromatic system, special fluoride glasses with extraordinary partial dispersion outer lenses hard layer coated.

Leica Televid 2-element, non-cemented achromatic lens multi-layer coated outer lenses hard layer coated.

A compact, lightweight spotting scope with high-performance optics. Straight or angled spotting scope that provides a stunning bright image in neutral colors and with rich contrast. Outstanding close-up range for fantastic visual experiences at close proximity. Five precision eyepieces with different magnifications are available.

Technical Data

Prism SystemPorro
Focal Length440 mm
Front lens diameter77 mm
Exit pupildependent on the eyepiece
Focus Rangeapprox. 3.90 m
Magnificationdependent on the eyepiece
(h x w x d in mm)
LEICA TELEVID 77: 390 x 105 x 93
LEICA APO-TELEVID 77: 410 x 105 x 93
WeightLEICA TELEVID 77:1495 g

Additional details.

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