nads (33K)
Night Augmented Day Sight

            using image intensifying technology

The US Army has conducted competitive tests and has singled out the NADS-750, 850, and 1000 as superior in performance and reliability. System performance is designed into our NADS products. The sights are designed as clip-on night augmentation devices engineered to be adapted to the day sights, permitting the use of the day sights in extreme low light level conditions. The system engineering was focused on achieving the following objectives: enhanced resolution, increased transmission, improved hardened mount, increased range, boresight retention and zero retract.

Key Features of the NADS:

-Flexibility NADS 750, 850, 1000 Depending on mission requirements
-Lethal Range in excess of 800 meters
-Options: Sealed to 66ft, Laser Illumination
-Proven Mounting System, no loss of boresight with repeated removal and re-attachment
-Powered by "AA" Batteries
-Uses existing daysight

Weapon Systems Daysight Matrix:

Leupold Model ULTRA 10X-M1
Leupold Model ULTRA 16X-M1
Leupold Model 10X-M3 MARK 4
Leupold Model 16X-M3 MARK 4
Leupold Model 3.5X to 10X Variable Power
Leupold Model 1.5 x 5 Variable Power E
Schmidt and Bender 3.5-12 x 50 mm
Susat Sight Model X4
Hendsoldt 10x

Weapon Platforms:

McMillian Model .308
McMillian Model 300 Win Mag
Barrett Model 50 Cal (M107)
Colt Model M4
KAC Model SR-25, SR-25K, SR-50
Remington 308 Model M24; 300 Win Mag
Armalite Model AR-10
Accuracy Int 7.62mm (L96)
Accuracry Int LLR .338 Mag
SA80 5.56mm

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