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TECHNOLOGY NAME:  Master Drug/Contraband Detection Kit

DESCRIPTION:  Assortment of tools and instruments for contraband detection

DETAILS:  The contraband detector analyzes variations in density to detect concealed drugs, currency, or weapons in car doors, fuel tanks, and cavities behind hidden walls. A laser distance measurement device detects false walls and bulkheads in a vehicle interior. The nonconductive fiberscope enables inspection around electrical components. A search mirror set permits viewing into dark, hard to get at places, around corners, and over and under obstacles. A versatile gas tank scope views into rail, ship, or truck containers, above ceiling tiles, and inside walls and crawlspaces. A high-resolution, infrared, video camera and digital recording system can be used in conjunction with the scope to inspect inaccessible areas, such as trucks, trains, cargo boxes, etc., for group viewing and documentation.

TYPICAL CONFIGURATION:  Consists of (1) a handheld contraband detector and an articulating support arm with remote display; (2) a high-resolution video camera, with integrated infrared illumination, that telescopes from 4 to 15 feet, and has a rechargeable battery pack; (3) a laser device that measures distance from 1 to 330 feet with 0.1 inch accuracy; (4) an 8-millimeter (mm) gas tank articulating scope, sealed against fluid penetration, with 130-degree four-way articulation, 100-degree forward field of view, a high intensity metal halide light source with rechargeable battery, and a color video display/digital recording system; (5) a nonconductive, 4-mm, semiflexible fiberscope with liquid light guide; and (6) a search mirror set consisting of one extending mirror with flashlight, one compact lightweight mirror that folds flat, weighs 260 grams, and has a telescopic handle extending to 20 inches, and one articulating compact convex mirror adjustable for angles and with a wide field of view.

VENDOR:  Instrument Technology, Inc.

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